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IWC Steering Committee Member Given Prestigious Conservation Award

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During the 2014 annual conference of The Wildlife Society (TWS), Iowa Chapter, Bruce Ehresman was presented the Iowa Conservation Hall of Fame Award. Ehresman, an Iowa Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Diversity Program Biologist, was humbled by the award, thanking the team of people with whom he works during the ceremony. He said, "Without this team of dedicated people, I could not have accomplished what I have during the past 34 years." Ehresman, an Iowa Wildlife Center Steering Committee member and volunteer, was nominated for the award by one of his peers, Stephanie Shepherd, also a wildlife biologist with the Wildlife Diversity Program. For more information about TWS or the past award winners, which includes Aldo Leopold, J.N. "Ding" Darling, Ada Hayden, Senator Mary Lundy and others, visit www.iowatws.org.

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Iowa DNR Provides Guidance and Caution About White-Nose Syndrome & Rehabilitation of Bat Species! 

There aren't many licensed wildlife rehabilitators in Iowa who care for our various bat species, but those who do should take note: White-Nose Syndrome is knocking on Iowa's door!

Daryl Howell, Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) zoologist and environmental specialist, contacted IWC executive director Marlene Ehresman recently and shared his concerns regarding Iowa's bats and their rehabilitation. While very few of Iowa's licensed wildlife rehabilitators rehabilitate bats (Marlene is one of them), these few should know about important changes regarding caring for these mammals. If any bat, especially if it may have come from an area with natural caves, is found during the winter that has questionable symptoms such as tattered wings or white fungus on the nose (see US FIsh and WIldlife site for information on symptoms), immediately contact either Howell (515-281-8524; Daryl.Howell@dnr.iowa.gov) or Ehresman (515-233-1379; marlene@iowawildlifecenter.org) or a local wildlife rehabilitator. 

Wildlife rehabilitators must also now use extra precautions when over-wintering or rehabilitating bats. Tree foliage-roosting bat species, such as the Silver-haired Bat, and cave-roosting bat species, such as the Big Brown Bat, must be kept isolated from each other.  This means home-based rehabilitators must keep these two groups in completely separate houses, while facilities with appropriate ventilation will need to keep them in separate isolation rooms. Additionally, prior to release the bat(s) must be thoroughly examined to ensure that no bat has developed the fungus while in captivity. Upon release, each bat must go back to the area from which they were originally found.

See Creature Feature for more detailed information about White-Nose Syndrome.


 Watch For These Upcoming Events!

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While we don't have firm dates on any of these events for various reasons, we think you might be interested what we are planning.

  • Spring: Fundraiser
  • Spring: Volunteer Training
  • Summer: Building Dedication
  • Fall: 4th Annual High Trestle Hawk Watch

So, check back from time to time or contact our executive director, Marlene Ehresman, at marlene@iowawildlifecenter.org. We hope to see you at some of these events!

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